Budapest Hostels

CoolTour Hostel

The CoolTour Hostel in Budapest certainly has the kind of name that makes you want to find out more and what you then find is that this is a hostel that is not going to disappoint with what it has to offer you. Not only do the staff speak English, but thanks to them having lived in Budapest they also know what to do and the best places for you to check out either during the day or in the evening.

Age Budapest Youth Center

The Youth Center is situated among the traditional buildings of Budapest. The area features a very good public transport and the hostel can be easily reached by guests whether by tram, metro, or bus. Young and active persons can nurture they adventurous nature and have fun day or night with tons of activities to do! Various tea houses, cafes, restaurants, sport clubs, galleries, and historical sites are readily accessible, allowing anyone to discover and explore the Capital of Hungary.

Absolut City Hostel

The interior of the Absolut City hostel is clean and well looked after and it is clear that this is not a hostel that is suffering from a tiredness about its design or existence. It is modern, fresh, and both the communal kitchen and common room has enough equipment in it to keep you happy no matter what it is that you plan on doing with your spare time here.

Red Fox Hostel

The hostel has recently been changed with new facilities throughout so there is still that sense of it being new and fresh which is always a bonus. Upon arrival you will be given your free complimentary drink and with 24/7 reception and your own private lockers in each room there is also no issue regarding security at any point.

Mandarin Hostel

The Mandarin hostel delivers on the basics and it will provide you with everything that you need for a simple stay in Budapest although you should not think about trying to get too many extras as they are not generally available. That is not to say that it is a negative thing as that is not the case as things are safe and clean enough for them to be suitable for most people that are looking for a budget place to stay.